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Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to everything you need to know about selecting a marquee or pavilion for your event.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here please feel free to drop us a line.  We’d be more than happy to help.  Call us on 01844 208 371 or use our enquiry form.



Please contact us with details of your enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch soon.


What do you provide, and what don't you provide?

We like to think that we provide everything you need to give you a temporary venue for your event. To us that means a structure, complete with flooring, linings and drapes, lighting and heating, electrical distribution and power supply. We also supply dining furniture, outdoor furniture, lounge furniture, dance floors, stages and bar. If you need event loos, we do that too.

Typically the table linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware will come from you caterer. In the kitchen marquee we will provide tables, electrical distribution and lighting inside and outside the marquee. Your caterer will arrange their own equipment including ovens, hot cupboards, fridges, etc.

You will need to arrange a florist, band, and anything else your imagination allows. Often, but not always, our clients also employ a wedding or party planner to help bring everything together.

How much space do I need?

As a rule of thumb we suggest a space 9m x 24m for a wedding with 100 guests; 12m x 24m for 150 guests and 15m x 27m for 200.

Multiple marquees can be joined so you can make comprehensive use of the ground you have available.

A typical interior layout for a wedding marquee would allow for a wet weather reception space which will be reused later as dance and bar, and separately for a dining room. You would allow around 0.8sqm – 1sqm per guest for the reception space and 1.2sqm for the dining room. Additionally, you might need to consider space for the kitchen marquee (allow 6m x 9m initially), loos, buffet areas, photo booths, lounge areas and outdoor reception areas.

How much does a marquee cost?

Each event is priced individually, based on the specific items required. Our client usually spend between £5,000 and £15,000 with us, which might break down to between £50 and £100 per head. This price would allow for a fully furnished marquee for 100-150 guests. The largest individual costs within this would be the structure, the floor, loos and generator.

Generally the price will be a function of the amount of space covered and the level of specification required. A ball or a large wedding for 450 might work out to more like £40 per head.

You can find more information about our marquee hire prices here.

Can you explain the damage waiver fee?

Under our terms and conditions, you will be responsible and liable for damage to the stock and equipment whilst it is on hire to you.

Upon payment of the damage waiver fee we waive our right to charge you for accidental damage.

If you choose to take out separate event insurance we can remove the damage waiver. Typically, the sum to be insured will be in the region of £80,000 to £150,000. This can be more than standard wedding insurance is prepared to cover, and excess charges can be quite high.

We try to give you a complete a picture of our costs as possible, and will show the damage waiver fee on our quotes unless you choose to take out separate insurance and ask us to remove it.

What about other costs such as loos and generator?

Your quotation will be broken down item by item so you can see individual costs for everything we think you need for you event. Loos and generators are two of the more expensive items on any specification, however, they are often essential, and it is certainly essential that you have enough power, and nice loos.

We will discuss your requirements and existing services and then advise on the correct services for your event.


Can you put a marquee on a car park?

Our marquees can certainly be installed on hard standing including tennis courts and car parks, however there are some additional aspects to consider.

If the marquee cannot be secured with ground stakes in the usual way then we will need to hold it down with weights. This can be easily done although the weights can be unsightly.

We would also suggest you install a wooden floor if your marquee is going on hardstanding. The wooden floor raises the marquee a minimum of 3 inches off the ground which will allow any rain water to pass underneath it as it will not drain away on most hard surfaces.

Can you put a marquee on a slope?

A marquee can also be installed to run with the ground along a slope. You can very easily put a table and chairs on the slope and see if this level of finish will be acceptable to you.

Should you want a level finish a marquee with a wooden floor can be levelled to height of 2m across the marquee site.

Some clients decide to have an area of a field levelled in advance such that their marquee can be installed to a flat surface. If you are considering doing this, it is worth considering that you need to allow plenty of time for the ground to recover and grass to regrow.

What if there is no power, water or toilets?

Power is no issue. Most of the events we are involved in require a generator because of the amount of power required and irrespective of their proximity to a house.

Event loos are self-contained, requiring only a power supply (see above) and do not need access to water of drains.

Your caterers might expect to have a water supply near the kitchen area, so if you are not able to provide this then you should warn them in advance so they can make arrangements.

Do you need vehicle access?

Generally, we will want to get lorries as close to the marquee site as possible. Items can be carried from the lorries to the site and everything is constructed and installed by hand. As a rule of thumb, within 30m is probably acceptable.

Most loos and generators are towed by a 4×4. Caterers will want to get refrigerated vehicles close to the kitchen, or be given notice of the distance between vehicle and site so they can make arrangements.

In most circumstances we will visit the site with you and discuss logistical constraints.

What about underground services?

It is essential to check if there are any services such as water, electricity or gas less than one metre below the surface. This is for the benefit of you and your neighbours, but also for the safety of anyone working on the site.

We will ask you about underground services on the site you are suggesting. If you are unsure, or unable to provide plans of the site then we can arrange to take a CAT scan to ensure we have full information about underground pipes and services.


Whats included in the initial quote?

A typical initial quote will include a comprehensive list of items and equipment required for your event, such as marquees, pavilions, flooring, lining, lighting, furniture, heating, loos, generator and electrical distribution. On the second page of the quote you will find a specification breakdown so you can make a ‘like for like’ comparison with other companies.

We include a menu of optional extras, after the specification breakdown, for your consideration.

We do not include, and do not supply, quotes for catering, table linen, flowers, musicians or other entertainment.

When is a site meeting necessary?

In most cases a site visit is required so that we can discuss your brief in more detail and to survey the proposed marquee site. Occasionally, if we know the venue well, and the requirement is straight forward, a site meeting maybe unnecessary.

Can I make amendments after confirming a booking?

Absolutely, many bookings are confirmed a long way in advance of the event date and it is perfectly normal for your requirements to change through this period.

We always try to accommodate your changing requirements but hope you understand that amendments are subject to availability.

When do you need to have final numbers?

We will ask you to confirm your specification 28 days prior to your event date. At this point we issue an invoice for the outstanding balance. If you make additions to the specification after this point we will issue a separate invoice.

Can I bring in other event contractors?

Of course, we are happy to work with other contractors and a successful event depends on good communication among everyone.


Terms of Payment

Typically we require a minimum deposit of £1,000 + VAT with your confirmation of booking, with the balance being invoiced 28 days before your event.

Terms & Conditions

We send out full terms & conditions with your order confirmation. If you would like a copy in advance please ask and we will email you a copy.

Health & Safety

You may require method statements, risk assessments or other Health and Safety documents. Please let us know and we will be happy to send these over.

MUTA membership

Marquees & Pavilions are members of MUTA and you can find us on their website. If you would like any more information please ask.

Since 1919, MUTA has been working to improve standards in the marquees, tents and structures industry.  Their highly regarded Best Practice Guide is followed by their members, and we inspect them against it.

Public & Product Liability Insurance

We hold a minimum cover of £10 million of employers liability and of £5 million for public and products liability.

Please ask if you would need a copy of our liability insurance, and we will email one over.


Please get in touch to arrange a site meeting to discuss how a marquee would work at your venue.