hanging wedding flower arrangement

Create a relaxed reception with a rustic wedding theme

A rustic wedding is a favourite theme that we’re asked for time and time again by clients.  With the laid-back, carefree atmosphere it brings to the celebrations, this is a theme that fits with a marquee wedding perfectly and offers endless opportunities when it comes to styling your large open space.

We also love the fact that the homemade and handmade feel of a rustic wedding, brings the opportunity to get family and friends involved in bringing your wedding plans to reality.

To help get you started, below are just a few ideas for how you can introducing a rustic wedding theme to your special day

Set the scene with vintage chairs and tables

Vintage trestle tables accompanied with wooden folding chairs or a selection of vintage chairs complements the rustic look and really help set the scene. Leave the table without tablecloths so diners can see the natural patterns and textures of the wood. Set the tables with pretty vintage crockery and table decorations sourced through local antique shops or specialist vintage suppliers.

Around the bar area, look for something quirky such as the oak barrel and adjustable fur topped bar stools.

A stacked suitcase bar table can double up not just as somewhere to rest your drinks, but also as a stand for holding a large floral display in a vintage vase, candelabra or even the wedding cake.

Serve up some retro cocktails from a handmade bar

One of the most asked for requests we get is finding a rustic bar from which to serve up retro cocktails and drinks. Here we love how wooden apple crates have been used at the back of the bar for storing glasses and bottles.


Alternatively, if you are feeling adventures why not check out how you could build your own, after all rustic and home made go hand in hand.  For creative inspiration we found some brilliant examples of how others have been building rustic bars on Pinterest. Building a rustic bar for your wedding could even be a great project for the groom and his friends to get involved with.

Be bang on one of 2018’s hottest trends with hanging floral features

Hanging floral features are looking set to become a very popular trend. When you are thinking about your flower decorations to compliment your rustic theme make sure you keep it simple and earthy.   The beauty of rustic wedding flowers is that they are meant to look looser, more organic and not manufactured down to the finest detail. Aim for something natural and romantic, that looks like been freshly gathered from the garden. Another brilliant opportunity to get creative and make your own.  Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Ivory pleated marquee lining provides the perfect backdrop

The best back drop to a rustic look is our ivory pleated lining on both the walls and ceilings of your marquee, giving you the perfect blank canvas to dress as you wish. To complement the pleated lining we suggest using simple ‘nut’ coloured matting or carpet on the floor.

For more inspiration and ideas for how to bring the rustic feel to your wedding day please feel free to speak to us here at Marquees and Pavilions.  Call us on 01844 208 371.